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Our Average Dieter Will Lose 23 Pounds in 30 Days

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"There is no other program that ends chronic hunger and cravings by providing you with nutrients missing from your diet, educating you about all twenty-two principles of weight loss and control, and providing a social support and daily feedback system.

Core 22 will change your life"

Dr. Richard Schmitt

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Five Factors of Our Success

22 Principles of Weight Loss and Control

The Core-22 weight loss strategy is successful because it does not rely on any one principle for its effectiveness. It’s based on 22 principles of weight loss and control rather than the handful most diets suggest. The principles are taught by doctor Schmitt in high definition video which provides dieters with the confidence that what is being taught is safe, healthy, and based on sound evidence.

Dieters view 22 videos to learn everything there is to know about losing and controlling their weight.

For example, Principle 19, Use Exercise to Enhance Your Result



• How to prepare, lose, stabilize, and maintain your weight
• How to choose the most nutrient rich food with fewer calories
• Understanding calories and weight control
• How to boost calorie burning metabolism
• How to reduce hunger and cravings
• Using supplements to boost metabolism
• Boost metabolism with unprocessed salt
• Reduce toxins, inflammation and water retention
• Drink water to boost metabolism and burn more calories
• Use the glycemic index to lower blood sugar and stop weight gain
• The calorie burning power of the intermittent fast
• Stress hormones, hunger and emotional eating
• How to use fiber to enhance digestion and eliminate constipation
• How to keep losing weight for as long as you like
• Developing grit to increase your chances of success
• Use daily feedback to modify your behavior
• Gain control over hardwired compulsions
• How to break bad habits and replace them with good habits
• Taking responsibility for your mistakes to make progress
• Use social support to keep you motivated and making progress
• Add exercise to enhance your weight loss and final results
• Adjust your attitude to get faster weight loss
• Learn to cook delicious food so you love eating the right things

Nutrient Rich Food that Tastes Great

You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight if you know how to choose and prepare food in ways that tastes great and provides more of the nutrients your cells need to burn calories.  If you like the food you eat on our program you will never have to stop eating it and that makes keeping the weight off much easier.

The Core-22 Program is based on a nutrient rich balanced diet of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Dieters eat unlimited amounts of green leaf vegetables, moderate amounts of non-green leaf vegetables, and limited but daily amounts of oil, fresh berries, grapefruit, apples, lemons, and limes.

Depending on your gender, height, and activity level, we recommend just the right portions of protein (lean beef, poultry, or seafood) each day. We completely eliminate processed food, fast food, and food that contains artificial sweeteners or additives.

Calories range from 650 to 1,800 per day depending on your body size and activity level and may be adjusted for anyone with special needs. Individuals who want to add exercise to their program are taught to eat slightly more to ensure they have the energy needed for whatever activity level they choose.

We have cooking videos to teach you simple ways to make great meals.  When you reach your goal, eat whatever you want and if you gain a few pounds as a result, just eat more of the food you did while losing weight and it will drop right back down.

Burn More Calories with the Right Supplements

For cells to burn calories, they need specific types and amounts of nutrients. Nutrients are the raw materials that cells need to function. If a cell does not have all the nutrients it needs, it functions at a lower intensity, does less work, and burns fewer calories. Our food plan is based on calories and nutrients. Rather than simply cut calories, we teach dieters to eat food that has the highest concentration of nutrients and the lowest number of calories. This turns up cell function (metabolism) allowing dieters to eat more without gaining weight or to lose weight at a much faster rate.

Because food, even the best food, cannot supply all the nutrients our cells need, we provide dieters with food-based organic supplements to assure their cells get all the nutrients they need for maximum cell function and calorie burning capacity. The combination of nutritious food and the right supplements boosts metabolism, restores health, and burns more calories; resulting in greater weight loss. Providing the body with the nutrients it needs also reduces hunger and cravings which makes following the diet much easier.

Principle 16, Take the right supplements


It's impossible to eat enough food to supply the 37-trillion cells that make up your body with all the nutrients they need. If you supplement a nutrient rich diet with the right combination of food based supplements and essential fatty acids,  you will experience less hunger and boost the metabolism of all those cells to burn more calories than ever before.

Anyone who wants to ensure they are getting the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients needed for optimum health and metabolism should make the supplements in the core program part of their strategy for life long weight control, health and vitality.

• Greens First Berry

Greens First Berry is a delicious and complete phytonutrient and antioxidant supplement that provides your body with an advanced combination of nature’s healthiest fruits, berries, and garden vegetables, along with rice bran, flax seed, and a probiotic blend for healthy digestion. Just one serving a day provides the nutritional equivalent of 13 servings of fruit without the calories.

• Greens First Capsules

Greens First Capsules provide naturally occurring and easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants that work synergistically in your body to provide 49 different super foods, extracts and concentrates including supergreens, organic fruits & vegetables, probiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids and enzymes so you can be sure you are getting the important nutrients your body needs to work at it's full potential.

• Rice Fiber First

Rice Fiber First promotes normal elimination and regularity while controlling glucose, cholesterol, and lipid levels in the body. It contains nutritional fiber and  significant quantities of the rice bran phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that promote cleansing, detoxification, and healthy weight management. The better your digestion, the more nutrients you will absorb from the food you eat.

The majority of dietary fiber products on the market are psyllium-based. Most of these produce carbon dioxide and methane in the intestinal track that can produce bloating, gas, and discomfort. Rice Fiber is made with stabilized rice bran, which is a “friendly fiber”, promoting regularity and alleviating occasional constipation while helping digest food more quickly and easily.

• ProOmega – D

Pro Omega D is Omega-3 fish oil with added vitamin D.Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid included in our package for its anti-inflammatory health benefits and to ensure your cells can absorb and utilize nutrients. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are fats that our body need but cannot produce. They must be consumed through food or supplements. There are two families of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 which need to be consumed in a balanced ratio. The body must receive a balanced supply of omega-3 and omega-6 to ensure proper eicosanoids production. Eicosanoids are hormone-like compounds that affect virtually every system in the body—they regulate pain, help maintain proper blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and promote fluid nerve transmission. The problem is that, in our modern industrialized food system, omega-3s have become largely absent from the food chain while omega-6s have become overabundant. Even the healthiest diets contain too many omega-6s and not enough omega-3s. A decade of scientific evidence indicates that this imbalance can contribute to a variety of chronic health issues. ProOmega-D is a sure way to improve the balance between the high levels of Omega-6 and the inadequate levels of Omega-3.

Daily Feedback

To apply the 22 principles, a dieter needs to know what they are doing right or wrong each day. This allows them to make adjustments in their behavior and eventually master all 22 principles. Each day dieters receive a text message and link to log into the site. They enter their weight and  answer twenty two yes or no questions based on the principles. This allows them to see the relationship between what they did or did not do, and the results for that day. This teaches them the consequences of their actions so they can begin to make better decisions about what, when, and how much they eat.

Screenshot of the dieters weight-loss phase portal

Principle 16, Get Daily Feedback


Social Support from Dieters, Friends, and Family

We call this social dieting because we ask dieters to enlist the support of at least five friends and family members. We make this easy with tools that allow dieters to send a text message or email to any number of contacts requesting their support. If they agree, they receive a text message or email from us on a regular basis that asks them to simply click a link to check on their dieters progress. Supporters never learn the dieter's actual weight but do see how much progress is being made. They can also leave and receive messages when they visit the dieters progress page. This provides motivation for our dieter to do their best to make as much progress as possible.

Screenshot of the dieter - supporter communication system and progress graph

Principle 18, Enlist the support of friends and family


Anyone Can Lose Weight

This is not like other weight loss programs.  You will learn everything there is to know about losing and controlling your weight. Combine that with interactive feedback tools and our social support system and you will get the results you want and maintain them for life.

Still Not Sure This Will Work For You?
  • We haven't found a person unable to lose weight on this program if they try. With twenty-two principles of weight loss, daily feedback, social support, and the right combination of food and nutrients to boost metabolism and reduce hunger, this is the best chance you will ever have to lose all the weight you want and keep it off. Check any that apply below to learn more...
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Our Average Dieter Will Lose 23 Pounds in 30 Days

Core Diet Program Only (No Supplements) $260 Click Here To Proceed