"Almost two years now and I haven't gained anything back."

– Ann 

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Results: 30 pounds in 30-days, 70 overall

"There is so much I love about myself now."

– Merrie 

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Results: lost 90 pounds
"I lost 155 pounds and now I'm off all my medications. Life will never be the same."

– Rev. Vance 

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Results: lost 33 pounds in 30 days
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These are typical success stories.

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Jodi - lost 19 Pounds in 45 days.

“I joined to exercise but never imagined my health would improve this much”

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Alicia - lost 40 pounds.

“With a thyroid condition, Core is the first program that worked”

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Roxy - lost 17 Pounds in 30 days.

“I couldn’t lose that last 20 without Core”

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Mandie - lost 23 Pounds in 30 days.

“You can’t lose weight with exercise alone”

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Will Meara (Trainer) - shredded in 30 days.

“I finally have a nutritional program I believe in enough to recommend.”

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Jennifer - lost all my baby weight and more.

“As a result, I’m inspiring others and my husband lost 40 pounds.”