Nutrition-based weight loss.

Without hunger, without cravings, eating great tasting food you buy and prepare yourself.

Nutrition-based weight loss.

Without hunger, without cravings, eating great tasting food you buy and prepare yourself.

Stop starving yourself to lose weight.

Learn why a nutrient-based approach works.

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Get to know the Core-22 weight loss system.

Lose 15-20 lbs. in your first month – and up to 15 lbs. per month after that.

  1. 22 Secrets of Nutrition-Based Weight Loss
  2. Food plan you will love to follow
  3. Daily feedback
  4. Social support

6 reasons why you've failed before, but won't fail this time.

1. You need to know and apply 22 weight loss principles that determine if your weight goes up or down.

2. You need to know what to eat and what to avoid for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. You need to supplement your diet perfectly, to reduce hunger, boost metabolism, and burn the most fat.

4. You need to trick your brain and hormone glands into helping you lose any excess weight.

5. You need a daily feedback system that helps you know whats working and where you can improve.

6. You need a social motivation and support system to triple your chances of reaching your goal.

The Core-22 Principles of Weight Loss.

Basic Principles

1. Make your hypothalamus work for, not against you

• Trick your brain into helping you lose weight
• Use momentum to quick start the weight loss process
• What happens if you stop losing weight
• Lock in your new weight, so you don't gain it back

2. Eat the right food; it makes a difference

• The purpose of food
• Protein, fat, and carbohydrates
• Vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients
• Nutritional value vs. calories per serving
• Choosing food that promotes weight loss
• Turn trillions of cells into calorie-burning machines
• Variety reduces hunger and boosts metabolism
• Organic, free-range, wild-caught

3. Understand hunger and how to control it

• Brain hunger
• Nutritional hunger
• Cravings
• The empty stomach
• How to stop hunger completely

4. Two sides of the calorie equation

• What are calories?
• Which calories matter?
• Burning more is better than eating less
• The trick is being able to do both really well

5. Supplementing your diet

• What are supplements, and why you need them
• Synthetic vs. food-based supplements
• Boost metabolism, reduce hunger, and improve digestion

6. Pure salt to accelerate weight loss

] • What's in unprocessed salt and why it's so important
• Processed salt and high blood pressure
• What's wrong with processed salt

7. Drink water to reduce hunger and boost metabolism

• How much should you drink and how to ensure you do
• Hunger, metabolism, and digestion
• The signs and symptoms of chronic dehydration

8. Restore digestion to absorb more nutrients

• What happens when we digest our food?
• What is fiber, and why is it important?
• Regular bowel movements and how to get there

9. Daily feedback

• Learn the skill of applying the principles without thinking
• Learn which of the 22 principles you need to apply
• Learn from your mistakes and improve over time

10. Social Support

• Motivation to do your best
• Inspire friends and family
• Lose weight 3Xs faster
• Lose all your excess weight and get the body you want

Advanced Principles

11. Boost metabolism to burn more calories

• What is metabolism?
• Two healthy ways to you make your cells burn calories
• Why your cells need nutrients to function
• What happens when you don't get certain nutrients

12. Eat food with fewer toxins

• What happened to our food supply
• Chemicals used to grow crops
• Processed food and how it contributes to weight gain
• Animals raised with growth hormones and antibiotics
• MSGs impact on hunger, your pancreas, and weight
• Artificial sweeteners, your health, and your weight
• GMOs, your health, and inflammatory reaction
• Food allergies will make losing weight so difficult

13. The Glycemic Index and Load

• Blood sugar, insulin, and your pancreas
• Low blood sugar, hungry, and cravings for sweets
• Why the glycemic load is more important

14. Extending the overnight fast

• Increase the time you lose weight by 30%
• The timing of meals can make a big difference

15. The impact of stress

• What is physical and emotional stress today
• The stress response  and how it impacts your weight
• Six steps to reduce the negative influence of stress
• Emotional eating and how to stop it
• What you can do if you know you can't stop

16. Manage your diet

• Preparation, weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance
• Mistakes, learning, experience, and developing a new skill
• Three stages of the weight loss
• What has to happen before you burn fat
• If you cheat, do it right and keep making progress
• Natural Plateaus, what they are, and how to end them
• Medication, food-allergies, and the menstrual cycle
• What happens after achieving your goal

17. The Role of Grit

• What is it and where does it come from
• The power of grit and why you need it to succeed
• The best way to recover from a mistake

18. Make more conscious decisions

• 95% of the things we do, we do without thinking
• The process of forming a bad habit
• Thirst, hunger, and empty stomach habits
• Replacing a bad habit with a good one
• Extreme taste habits and how to stop them

19.Exercise to enhance your results

• The warning signs of exercise compensation
• The benefits of regular exercise
• Signs of low blood sugar
• Diet modifications to prevent low blood sugar

20. Always eat as you were meant to eat

• Good food is healthy and packed with nutrients
• Good food tastes great
• Nutritious food is good for your weight
• Why eat chemicals, hormones, and toxins
• Organic, wild-caught, grass-fed, and non-GMO
• Know how to read labels
• How to shop for good food

21. Take full responsibility

• The knowledge, responsibility, and control triangle
• Only with responsibility will you get control
• The problem that comes with blame
• The GPS attitude of responsibility

22. Setting goals and targets

• What's the difference between a goal and a target
• The factor of time and how to look at it
• Choosing a target that gets you excited
• Finding your true WHY
• Watch for your first excuse
• Setting expectations that make sense Giving up

Meet the Instructor


Dr. Richard Schmitt

Dr. Schmitt has 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry.  He’s the founder of Atlast Healthcare Centers, past president of the Maryland Chiropractic Association, Fellow of the International Chiropractic Association, and Diplomat of the Academy of Spinal Bio-mechanical Engineering.  

He and Core-22 co-founder Sky Canine combined their knowledge and experience regarding weight loss, studied and evaluated the science of weight control, and together, created the Core-22 weight loss academy and system. He is proud of what he and his partner created and the impact they are making in the lives of people finally getting their weight under control.

A Scientific Supplement Regimen

The right supplments will reduce hunger, boost metabolism, and ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

Why Take Supplements?

The only reason to take supplements is to provide your cells with the nutrients they need but are not getting from your diet. When your cells have all the nutrients they need, they function (metabolism) at a higher level which means they provide optimum health and when they do, they burn calories at a higher rate. If you don’t feel it, you are taking the wrong supplements.

Nutrition-based weight loss happens when you give your body the nutrients it needs to boost fat-burning metabolism, eliminate hunger, and reduce cravings. Still, to do that, you must eat the most nutrient-rich food and supplement your diet with the right kind, combination, and quantity of food-based nutrients. This combination is your best chance to achieve your perfect weight, keep the weight off, and achieve optimum health.

After years of testing, trial, and error, the nutrients found in this combination worked far better than anything else available.

The capsules and berry mix are made from the finest, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and green-leaf plants. The omega 3 extraction process is the only one I know of that eliminates oxidation, which means it’s as if consumed directly from fresh wild-caught fish. And, the fiber comes from rice, which eliminates the gas and bloating so often associated with other fiber products.

You would need to eat more than 20 servings of organic fruits, vegetables, and omega-rich wild-caught salmon a day to get anything close, and you can’t buy them for less anywhere else. Take all four to lose and stabilize your weight and if cost is a fact, drop the fiber and or berry, but you should always take at minimum the omega, D, and multi green capsules.

Premier's Multi-Vitamin

Premier’s Multi-Vitamin is a complete nutrient that provids the right mixture of high potency broad-spectrum vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. In addition, it contains essential organic compounds, including 39+ trace minerals.

This live-source, vegan-friendly product is completely natural and purposely made to cover all the body’s bases: Immune Primers, Energy Drivers, Cognition Factors, Bone Elements, pH Essentials, Mood Regulators, Cardiovascular Complexes, Liver Phyto-Compounds, Intestinal Botanicals, and more to achieve your optimal health and vitality.

There are no chemical additives, questionable preservatives, synthetic flow agents, stearate-based binders, glue-like resins, or other common undesirable tagalongs.

Everyone would benefit taking this supplement to get more of the essential nutrients their cells need to function at the highest level. In addition, these nutrients are necessary for weight loss, weight maintenance, to prevent hunger, and burn calories at the highest possible rate.

Plant-Based Nutrients

Plant-Based Nutrients by Mega Daily Nutrition contains a megadose of blended super greens, organic fruits & vegetables, probiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids, and enzymes. These nutrients enhance  immunity, reduce hunger and improve health through maximum cell function, which also burns calories at a higher rate.

It provides a potent blend of the nutrients your body needs to deal with chronic stress, aging, and detoxification. 


MicroBiome-18 is one of the most comprehensive full-spectrum, growth-stimulating, probiotic formulas. It  provides 18 different strains of beneficial bacteria with a guaranteed 15 billion, yes BILLION, Colony-Forming-Units per capsule.

Your health is entirely depended on having an abundant and diverse community of healthy gut bacteria. The bacteria in your gut are responsible for digesting food and preparing nutrients for absorption. They transform certain nutrients into chemicals our cells need to function, play a vital roll in our immune systems, metabolism, energy level, heart function, sleep quality, and mental sharpness. 

If our gut microbiome is not 100% what it can and should be, our cells and systems function poorly, burn fewer calories, and as a result, we gain weight and it becomes harder to lose and keep the weight off. Microbiome-18 is our best chance of turning that around.

Omega-3 Plus Vit D

Getting all the Omega-3 and vitamin D we need from food alone is almost impossible.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid, which means our body needs it. This nutrient reduces inflammation, reduces hunger, and improves metabolism, so it plays a significant roll in weight loss and weight maintenance. Omega 3 supports our bones, muscles, joint function, cognitive ability, neurological performance, immune and cardiovascular systems.

Vitamin D is just as important because it’s needed to absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, essential minerals  needed for cell metabolism and building strong bones. Studies show

Vitamin D also reduces the growth of cancer cells, infection, and inflammation.

The Core Promise

These nutrients are 100% healthy and they work. Most vitamin and mineral supplements being sold are oil-based, man-made, synthetic copies of the real thing. They are anything but natural. Most are worthless and worse, contain byproducts of the manufacturing process that make them bad for your health.

The nutritional products we recommend do not contain gluten, GMO’s, soybean oil, soy lecithin, inositol, vegetable oil, zein, vegetable cellulose, hexane-extracted soy, carrageenan, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, artificial colors, or MSG.

They are all-natural organically sourced whole-food nutrients grown in mineral-rich soil that does not allow harmful herbicide or pesticide use.

Our clients get results.

Testimonials from some of our clients.

I lost 33 pounds my first month, 155 pounds now, and I'm off all my medications. Life will never be the same.
Richard Vance

I lost all my baby weight and more. As a result, I'm inspiring others, and my husband lost 40 pounds.

I lost 23 pounds in 30 Days. You can't lose weight with exercise alone.
Personal Trainer

Core-22 worked for me. I lost 40 pounds, even with a thyroid condition.
Office worker

I lost 19 Pounds in 45 days. I never imagined my health would improve this much.
Cancer Survivor

Join us. Get the body of your dreams and greater health throughout your life.

The Complete Core 22 Program: $260

22 Principles of Nutrition-Based Weight Loss and Control

The Feedback System

• Know what you are doing right or wrong every day
• Graph your weight so you can clearly see the path to your ideal weight.

The Social Motivation and Support System

• Enlist a few close friends and family members to triple your speed and chances of complete success

Specific Food Plans for weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance

30-day supplement supply

• Omega-3 + D, Multi Veggie, Multi Berry, and Fiber to boost metabolism, reduce hunger, improve digestion and health.

Cooking videos, private Facebook groups, troubleshooting videos, and more

Technical support

Our Money-Back Guarantee

Learn the principles, download the custom food plan, learn how we take you step-by-step through each phase of the process, and if you’re not sure this is for you, return the unopened supplements for a full refund.

The Complete Core 22 Program: $260

Watch our video to learn about nutrition-based weight loss.

In this 10-minute Core 22 training, we’ll share five of our most crucial weight loss principles. You will learn how to lose weight faster than you ever thought possible, without hunger or cravings, while eating great-tasting food. And, just as important, how to keep the weight off permanently.