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70% of your employees and the people you serve want to lose weight

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Your Community Wants to Lose Weight

70% of  your employees and your community are looking for a way to lose weight.  They try an average of four different weight loss programs each year and end up weighing more than when they started.

If you make this program available recommend it to just of the people looking for a weight loss solution, you will see the results for yourself and so will the friends, co-workers, and family members. And because 70% of them have been searching for a solution to their weight gain, they will learn about you, your company, and the services you provide.

Wow Your Employees and the Community

The Perfect Package

Offer Solution that Actually Works

90% of your referrals come from costumers that were were impressed with you and the services you provide. When you add weight loss to that list, your customers will have one more reason to be impressed.

So many of chronic conditions come from our diet. Obesity is the single largest driver of preventable disease including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Because our program teaches people how to choose and prepare the most nutritious food, and gives them tools to change the way they eat, they not only lose weight, they also improve their health.

We Promote Your Results

The Perfect Package

Friends and Family Learn About You

We ask our users to register at least five friends or family members as "supporters" to follow their progress. We send these supporters a daily text message that allows them to log into the program to follow their friend or family member's progress. When a supporter sees how well the program works for someone they know personally, they often become interested in the program  for themselves or someone they know.  The About Us page is all about your company and any special offers you want to provide.


Promote the Program's Success

The Perfect Package

Use your customer / client database

Once you have a few weight loss success stories, and permission to use them to promote the program, you have a great reason to reach out to customers. We often have a tendency to ignore this valuable list but now that you have a program they may not know about and success stories to share. This is a great way to remind them that you still consider them your customer.  Offering them an online program that can benefit them immediately regardless of where they are, allows you to start a dialogue and invite them back for your products and services.

Improve Marketing and Outreach Programs

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Promote Actual Success Stories

We ask the people on our program to write success stories and for their permission to use their stories for promotional purposes. These are available to you, ready to print, from your Core-22 administrative terminal.

Your community is overweight and looking for a weight loss solution. Most will try four different diets each year without success.

If you advertise, email, or use direct mail campaigns to promote your services, success stories will attract attention.

Become a Wellness Program Provider

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Weight Loss is a Wellness Program

Obesity is the largest driver of preventable diseases. When employees lose weight, they have fewer doctor's appointments, miss fewer days from work, are less likely to have a worker's compensation injury, and they recover faster from any illness or injury.

Results Like This Will Generate Revenue

  • Provide a service 70% of the population needs and wants
  • Generate a new stream of income
  • Attract new customers or client interested in weight loss
  • Serve people from outside your immediate community

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Offer Core-22 to your staff and members for 30-days. If they don't love the program and their results, simply return the promotional material in good condition for a full refund minus any commissions earned.

The Perfect Package