Nutrition-Based Weight Loss System

Why Nutrition-Based?

Diets of the last fifty years don't work because they do nothing to address the two primary causes of weight gain: slow metabolism and nutritional hunger. When our cells don't get the nutrients they need, calorie-burning metabolism slows down, we experience hunger and cravings, and we can't help but eat. A nutrients deficiency is one of the major underlying causes of weight gain and why so many Americans are overweight. It's also why so many people gain back all the weight they lost on traditional diets.

We will teach you how to choose and prepare food with the highest concentrations and varieties of nutrients per serving and to use specific omega-three capsules and food-based nutrients so your cells get all the nutrients they need. Proper nutrition will transform trillions of cells into high-intensity calorie-burning machines while reducing hunger.

Three Phases of Weight Control, Not One

Most programs focus on weight loss on do little to nothing about weight stabilization or maintenance. To lose weight and keep it off, you need to stabilize your weight after reaching your goal. Then, you need to know how to maintain it so you don't gain back the weight you just lost. We will teach you how to do all three phases of weight loss and, with our daily feedback tool, help you do each weight loss phase correctly.

During the weight loss phase, we graph your progress and project the number of days it will take to reach your goal based on your rate of progress and our experience with thousands of people just like you.

When you reach your goal, we will teach you how to stabilize your weight and hold it steady. Stabilization isn't tricky, but without it, you will gain back the weight you just lost. Ignoring this step is why most people from other programs are always looking for their next diet.

In the maintenance phase of the program, we will teach you how to eat as much of anything you want and still keep your weight to within five pounds of your ideal weight. And, because your new weight is stable, it's easy to keep the weight off.

We Will Teach You 22 Weight Loss Principles

You need to know what to do, what not to do, and why it matters. There are twenty-two things that will determine if your weight goes up, down, or stays the same. If you don't know them all, you will not know why your weight did what it did and will not know how to make it do what you want. We use video to teach you all twenty-two principles so you can take complete control over your weight. This way, you'll understand why you lost weight or not, and what you need to do better the next day. Knowing all the 22 principles will also allow you to choose which principles to apply to fit your particular situation. You don't always need to use them all, so you can customize the program to meet your specific needs.

Daily Feedback

Each day we'll send you a reminder text or email with a link that takes you to your weight loss portal. Once there, you will enter your weight and check off the principles you applied the day before. This daily process will make it easy to remember the 22-principles and know what you are doing right or wrong. It will also teach you the relationship between what you did the day before and your results. This way, you'll understand the consequences of your actions and, over time, be able to make better decisions, change your behavior, and improve your ability to use the principles. In no time at all, you'll be able to apply the principles that give you the best results, predict how much you will lose the following morning, and do it all without thinking.

Custom Food Plan

What you eat determines the number and variety of nutrients you supply to the cells of your body. If you don't eat enough of the right things, even the best nutritional supplements can't make up the difference between the nutrients you need and the nutrients from your diet. If your cells don't get enough of the proper nutrients, you will get hungry as soon as your stomach is no longer full. We will teach you which foods have the highest nutritional content and fewest calories and how to judge portions so you know precisely how much to eat for your height, age, gender, and activity level. If you eat the right food and supplement correctly, your cells will function at maximum capacity burning the most calories with little to no hunger between meals.

Learn to Create Great Tasting Meals

The food on the program includes fruits, vegetables, and just about every kind of meat, fish, or poultry. If you know how to make a meal with real food, you will have no trouble finding things to eat on Core-22. If you don't know how to cook, we've prepared several pages of simple step-by-step videos that will teach you to prepare healthy and great-tasting meals you will love eating while losing weight and long after reaching your goal.

Social Support System

It's ten times easier to stick to the program if you have one or more friends and family members following your progress and encouraging you as you go. And, our social support system makes it easy to get them involved.

We encourage you to have at least two supporters; the more, the better, especially if you want to lose weight at the fastest rate possible. It's easy to enlist their support, and once they agree, we will send them periodic text messages that include a link to a page where they can follow your progress. Supporters will motivate you to do better than you would on your own, and they will keep you motivated to reach your goal when you might otherwise slow down, cheat more and more, and never make it to your ideal weight.

You never know, seeing you succeed might also inspire your friends and family to lose some of their excess weight, and with all the health benefits associated with losing just 10 pounds, you might be saving someone's life in the process.

Friends and family will motivate you to keep making progress until you reach your goal.

Food-Based Supplements, Omega 3+D, and Rice Fiber

The majority of supplements sold today are artificial, synthesized from oil in a factory. These are helpful support for many conditions but do nothing to restore metabolism or reduce hunger. Your cells require a large variety of nutrients in specific ratios far more complex than anything we can manufacture. Eating natural food and supplementing with food-based nutrients is the only way to get all the nutrients our cells need.

The Core-22 food plan and nutritional support are the primary reasons you will lose weight fast, find it easy to keep the weight off and do it all without hunger and cravings.

The supplements we use are of the highest quality available. They were carefully selected after years of testing to find those that worked best. This way, you get all the nutrients needed to burn the most calories, reduce hunger, and promote optimum cell function.