You Can't Succeed Without Supplements

Nutrition-based weight loss only works if you can provide the trillions of cells that make up your body with the nutrients they need will boost calorie-burning metabolism and reduce hunger.

You can't possibly get all the nutrients you need from food, so the only way to get what you need is to supplement, and these work better than all the others we tested.

Take them to lose weight and continue taking them if you want to maintain your weight and health.

They're Food-Based

The overwhelming majority of supplements sold today are inexpensive because they are artificial, synthesized from oil in a factory. There is nothing natural about them. Nutrients are complex. Each one comes in a number of structural variations that together, allow your cells work. Synthetic vitamins don't include all the variations. They can be very beneficial for a number of conditions but will not boost metabolism or reduce hunger.

The nutrients your cells need are far more complex than any synthetic man-made supplement. Your cells need a wide variety in the right concentration and ratios of naturally occurring nutrients that can only come from fruits, vegetables, and wild-caught fish. Eating natural food and supplementing your diet with food-based nutrients is the only way to reduce hunger and burn calories at a cells full capacity.

The supplements we use work. They were carefully selected to ensure that you get all the nutrients needed to burn the most calories, all but eliminate hunger, and promote optimum, healthy cell function.

The Core-22 food plan and nutritional support are the primary reasons you will lose weight fast, do it without hunger and cravings, and find it easy to keep the weight off.

Boost Metabolism To Burn More Calories And Fat

If you take the right combination of supplements, you will experience less hunger and fewer cravings. It also accelerates calorie-burning metabolism, so your body will burn fat at a much higher rate. If you are trying to lose weight or keep from gaining more, supplements make a significant difference.

Nutrition-based weight loss works because it's designed to turn metabolism up so much that you burn massive amounts of calories. Metabolism is what we call the combined activity of 37 trillion cells that make up your body. Your cells act like machines in a factory, and nutrients are the raw material they need to work. With adequate nutrients, every cell will function at optimum capacity, burning the most calories. Unfortunately, you can't get enough nutrients, even if you eat perfectly. To make up the difference, you need to augment your diet with supplements made from food. Food-based supplements provide the variety of the 25,000 nutrients your cells need.

If you eat nutrient-rich food and taking the right supplements is also the best way to improve your health.

Eliminate Hunger And Cravings

Hunger is a survival mechanism. It's your body's way of making you eat when your cells need more nutrients. A craving is a hunger for a specific nutrient, e.g., if you need salt, you will crave food that's high in salt.

When you eat nutrient-rich food and supplement correctly, you reduce or completely eliminate hunger and cravings.

Slow metabolism and chronic hunger cause weight gain and make it hard to keep the weight off. That's why we recommend supplementing your diet after reaching your goal.

The Food Supply Is Not What It Used To Be

Industrial farming, overuse, and depletion of minerals from soil mean food has fewer nutrients than ever. Food is also harvested before it's ripe so they can arrive at their final destination before starting to spoil. Low nutrient content You would have to eat non-stop to get all the vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients needed for maximum metabolism. 

Restore Function to Optimum Levels

Nutrients are the raw materials your cells need to function, and that only happens when they have enough of the right nutrients. Without nutrients, cell function slows down, and they burn fewer calories. With the food supply so depleted of nutrients combined with the poor choices most people make about what they eat, our cells are functioning at a much lower level than possible. As soon as you supply your cells with the right combinations of nutrients, your cells become energized. Cells work at a higher level, so they burn more calories while your health improves. So many conditions and so many symptoms are caused by inadequate nutrition. Only the right combination of nutritious food and quality supplements can provide the nutrients we really need.

Why Food-Based Supplements

Every cell in our body requires just the right combination of nutrients to function correctly. If you have too much of one nutrient or not enough of another, the excess is useless. This is like baking a cake and having twice as much flour as needed. Taking a high dose of just one vitamin or mineral is worthless without the other nutrients. They must also be in the correct ratios for them to work at all. Our supplements have the right combinations of vitamins, minerals, and phyto (plant) nutrients because they are made from real food, and that's the ratio our cells are used to. Getting your nutrients from the food you eat and supplements made from food is the only to get the nutrition your cells need. 

Still Not 100% Convinced?

Watch the video from the educational portion of our program.

You won't need to view the whole thing before understanding why 75% of the population is overweight, why losing weight is so difficult, and why taking the right supplements is absolutely vital if you want to take back control of your weight and restore your health in the process.

What Are These Supplements?

Multi-Nutrient Capsules

Our multi-nutrient capsules provide naturally occurring and easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that include; 49 different super-foods, extracts, super-greens, organic fruits & vegetables, probiotics, fiber, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids, and enzymes. You will get more of the critical nutrients your body needs to work at its full potential.

Fruit and Veggie Shake

This daily shake is a delicious and complete phytonutrient and antioxidant supplement that provides your body with an advanced combination of nature's healthiest fruits, berries, and garden vegetables along with rice bran, flaxseed, and a probiotic blend for healthy digestion.

Rice Fiber for Optimum Digestion

The majority of dietary fiber products on the market are psyllium-based and cause bloating and stomach irritation.

Rice fiber, on the other hand, avoids these unwanted effects. It promotes regular elimination and regularity while controlling glucose, cholesterol, and lipid levels in the body. This product contains nutritional fiber, significant quantities of rice bran nutrients, gamma oryzanol, and several other plant nutrients that promote cleansing, detoxification, and healthy weight management.

Omega 3 and Vitamin D

This capsule provides you with omega-3 from fish oil, an essential fatty acid that our body needs but can't produce. Everyone should take this supplement because it is almost impossible to get the Omega 3 and vitamin D we need to ensure we are not deficient.